You are home alone , and wanted to eat something .

You go to the kitchen and find that there is no food left so you start making one for yourself from the scratch.

Play the game Blast'0'fooD where you made a dish by smashing the food 

But without making the mess as your parents will scold you for that.


Left mouse button - smash

Enjoy the Game and SHARE with your family and friends.


I am new to this thing and have a aim to be a popular indie GAME DEVELOPER.

So, join me with my journey to become one.

In this Game i work on the mechanics with the help og Unity Engine.

P.S. Comment your highest score if you liked the game.


Download 8 MB


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I tried playing it from the browser and it never loaded

You can play by Downloading the Game and open it on Microsoft Browser.

Comment down below for any help regarding this.

Do tell how was the game .

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I actually also had the problem when posting my game, I couldn’t play my game in the browser via itch. Try watching this video it really helped me,